What is Row 7?

Row 7 is an organic food company built by chefs, farmers, plant breeders, and plant eaters striving to make ingredients taste better before they ever hit a plate. Working together in the field and kitchen, we created exceptional new vegetables developed for our palates and the planet. 

Where does the name 'Row 7' come from?

The name Row 7 is a nod to the seventh row of the periodic table. When scientists conceived the modern periodic table, they left blank spaces in the seventh row—placeholders for elements yet to be discovered. We hope to bring the same spirit of discovery to the food system, starting with its most basic element: seeds.

Where are you based?

Row 7 is based in New York State, with operations in the Hudson Valley. Our office, warehouse and research farm are located on unceded land of the Lenape people.

What produce do you grow?

We currently grow Badger Flame beets, Upstate Abundance potatoes, Honeypatch squash, and Koginut squash. You can find out more about each variety here

Where can I buy your produce?

For now, you can find our produce in select Whole Foods Market locations in the Greater Boston area, but we hope to expand availability in the future! For a full list of stores, click here. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for updates. 

Where can I buy seeds?

To grow your own Row 7 vegetables, you can find our seeds here

What is your packaging made out of?

Our mission is to bring compostable, plant-based packaging to the produce aisle — so far, this includes the packaging for our potatoes, beets, and squash trays. You can find more information on each of our product pages here

Are Row 7 vegetables certified organic?

All of our seeds are certified organic according to USDA standards. We are committed to building the capacity for organic production in the U.S. and to developing new varieties that thrive in organic systems. 

Do you sell any GMO produce?

No. Certified organic always means non-GMO, so the organic label speaks for itself! Genetic engineering doesn’t advance the changes we seek in the food system, and it’s never produced anything truly delicious.

What farms do you work with?

We partner with regional organic farmers to support biodiversity above and below ground. The end goal? Unique vegetables grown for place, picked (and eaten) at the perfect moment. You can find more information here

Where are your farms located?

Our partner farms are located in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. You can learn more here

How do I store your produce?

Our vegetables have different storage recommendations. Check out Our Vegetables to learn more. 

What can I cook with your produce?

Looking for dinner inspiration? We’ve compiled some trusted techniques here; but you can also plug Row 7 vegetables into your favorite recipes. 

Do you plan to offer any other vegetables?

Yes! Please stay tuned for additions to our veggie portfolio. We continue to work in the field and kitchen to develop and grow new and delicious varieties. 

Is Row 7 hiring?

Our team is always expanding. Please send us a note at jobs@row7seeds.com for current openings. 

How can I get in touch?

We’d love to chat with you. For general inquiries, please reach out to hello@row7seeds.com. For press inquiries, please reach out to press@row7seeds.com.

Who created the illustrations on the website and packaging?

New York-based artist Leanne Shapton collaborated with the Row 7 team to create original artwork for the website, packaging and seed packets, inspired by our varieties. Please visit her website here.

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